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    coldfusion wizard

      hi guys
      anyone enlighten me
      i am using coldfusion wizrd to build a standrad crud

      howvere when i run it i get this
      errorID = 0
      faultCode = "Server.Processing"
      faultDetail = "Please check that the given name is correct and that the component exists."
      faultString = "Could not find the ColdFusion Component test3.components.cfgenerated.startp."
      message = "faultCode:Server.Processing faultString:'Could not find the ColdFusion Component test3.components.cfgenerated.startp.' faultDetail:'Please check that the given name is correct and that the component exists.'"
      name = "Error"
      rootCause = (null)

      my server is localhost
      what iddi i miss????
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          gmurnock Level 1
          We are getting this too. seems the path is not setting correct somewhere. the dataGrid will display the corect column headers but the data is not populating
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            Case sensitive...cfc filename.
            Are you using Flex Builder on your PC, then transferring the files to the server?
            Is your site using a virtual directory?

            I ran into two problems with the CF wizards that may help you...

            I used the default
            and it didn't load the data because the Wizard assumed my CFCs were in root.

            I changed it to

            and it worked. But I had to do a find/replace across the files the wizard generated.

            Also, I had to set my Flex Complier for my project to
            -locale en_US -services "C:\CfusionMX7\wwwroot\Web-inf\flex\services-config.xml" , not local, so that when it deploys to the server, it finds it.

            Not sure if this helps in your case, but I found it very confusion going from dev environment to server when developing in flex builder. I've got it down now, but it took this engineer a long time to sort out the environment and settings.

            Hope it helps.

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              noodleweb Level 1
              THANKS DON
              my fix was a bit simpler.
              i was starting the project directory in a webfolder already on my dev machine.
              so directories were not mapped
              i agree flex deployment is not intuitive form dev to production server
              Once again great product but lousy demos and docs for neewbie devs like me