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    New Links fail in Rh8


      This question may once again prove my inexperience but your help is much appreciated.

      I have been authoring simple Rh Webhelp projects for software apps using Rh7 hosted on a laptop (no network connectivity).

      We now have Rh8 which has been installed on my desktop and I want to use it to maintain my original projects.


      I have copied a project to "My RoboHelp Projects" folder which resides on our network.  I can open it in Rh8 and receive and accept the "Upgrade Project" popup. Everything looks good, when I generate the WebHelp all topics and embedded links work etc.  However when I try to create a new link (or bookmark) I receive another popup stating that the action will create an external link that may not function if I move the project. 


      If I proceed these new links fail with an IE Cannot Display Page when I view the topic or generate the project and try the links.


      What seems odd is when I take the same Rh7 project and copy it to my local harddrive and do the exact same steps (upgrade, create links), the new links work.


      If I look at the properties of the links they do look different:



      above is the properties for the link created when project stored on network drive and popup msg is confirmed



      above is properties for link either that existed in original Rh7 project or created in Rh8 on local drive


      Hades is our server name.  I am not sure why the bad link has "hades/Hades".



      Another odd thing is that if I double click on the bad link within the topic in Rh the "Link To" field shows this:

      file:/Hades/Users/Dave Murphy/My Documents/My RoboHelp Projects/AFEWCIS Local to Net/Administration/Edit_Application_Settings.htm


      The same action on a working link looks like this:


      Or something similar.


      I don't see any glaring errors when I generate the project.  I am not sure if I should work this with my IT folks. I want to maintain the projects on the network for several reason.  I appreciate anyone's help or guidance.



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First thing is - get your projects off the network drive and on to your local C:\ drive - you're just begging for a world of pain if you work on projects on a network drive (search the forum for advice on not doing this).

          You can back up your projects on a network drive - that's fine & there's many a "check in & out" program out there to facilitate this (RoboSource, etc.)

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            dpmsr Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response Jeff.  Advice I will certainly follow. I did see a number of posts warning against working on the network but didn't really see an explanation, not that I need one, just curious.