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    Screen resolution impact on presentation


      Hi again!


      I developed a training module in Powerpoint.  On the instruction slide, I use ppt annimations to bring in arrows pointing to various components of the playbar.  The arrows are placed based on where they align as I look at them while viewing the presentation in Adobe Connect Pro.  In other words...the arrows align with the real playbar below the screen.


      The problem is that when screen resolutions are different on other users monitors, the arrows don't align properly. Is there anything I can do to improve the way this works, short of asking everyone to change their resolution prior to viewing the presentation.  (FWIW...that option is totally out of the question due to the lack of tech skills of the intended audience.)


      Thanks for any advice you can provide.


      Angel T

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          robva65 Level 2

          Hi Angel,


          What you're asking Presenter to do is actually not really possible.  The problem is the scaling of the presentation based on screen resolution, and although your slide content will scale and resize to fit the available space in your browser window, the Presenter "skin" will not; which basically means that any time you decide to size your browser window, graphic elements that were once aligned against Presenter's playbar will no longer match up.


          One solution that we've used is to take a screen shot of the playbar itself (and you can crop the final image in Photoshop or even PowerPoint for that matter) adn then use your arrows to identify various buttons, elements and features that way.


          I realize that's not ideal--but you're going to have to use some other alternative rather than pointing directly to anything related to Presenter's skin.





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            amtessier Level 1

            Thanks Rob!


            I had actually already done as suggested...made an image of the playbar and associated my arrows with it!


            Thanks so much for your help!


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