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    Purchasing Burrito(Pre-Order?)


      I have finally decided to purchase Flash Builder and 2 of the main factors was Catalyst support and Mobile support. As I am now developing a project that is using one of each of these in 2 implementations of my project. I was wondering if it's possible to purchase Burrito so I do not lose my IDE once the 60 day beta is up. I don't have enough reason to buy flash builder 4, please let me know what I can do, thank you.

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          arshorten Adobe Employee



          To use the preview release of Flash Builder "Burrito" beyond the 60 day trial you will need a license of Flash Builder 4. As we have not yet announced availability or pricing for the next version of Flash Builder, it is not possible to purchase that version of the product.


          If you choose to purchase Flash Builder 4 now, you will need to purchase an upgrade when we ship the final version of the next release.




          Andrew Shorten

          Group Product Manager, Developer Tools, Adobe

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            Zergleb Level 1

            Is there any timeframe/target(I know these things are up to change) that is predicted for the release of flashbuilder 5? Or even a hopeful date?


            Also how does this work with FlashBuilder standard since the beta is Pro?


            (Oh and sorry about marking as Helpful Answer, I noticed later that it said Helpful and Correct, I didn't notice the Correct option.)

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              arshorten Adobe Employee

              We are targeting the release of Flash Builder 4.5 for 2011, but I'm afraid I can't be an more specific than that at this stage.





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                C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                Back to your original question about being able to use Burrito past the 60-day trial period, if you decide to purchase FB4, then you'll be able use your FB4 SN to activate Burrito beyond the 60-day trial. That way you would have the option of using the Burrito Preview up until the time it's fully Released.



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                  Zergleb Level 1

                  Thanks for all of your help, Now I have no idea whether or not I should get it though for this projects sake because I know my wife won't let me get the upgrade if it comes out too soon after which would leave the project un-done.


                  But in any case thanks to both of you.

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                    Is there any news on when the final version will be available? I am hoping for an iPad compatible version soon.

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                      i also want to use Flash Builder Burrito to extend more than 60days trial,


                      which one i should buy for FB 4 standart version or premium(pro) version?

                      so i can use the serial number to my flash builder burrito?


                      please give me your opinion,

                      i'm building Mobile Action Scripts apps for blackberry playbook.