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    Bad image quality in flex


      Hi Guys,


      I am having hard time in fixing image quality within Flex . Image quality in flex is very bad as comparison to actual image. I am using the following code to display images in the flex app.


      <mx:Image source="example1.jpg" height="100%" width="100%" />


      Image quality in flex:--



      Image quality in flex.png


      Actual Image:--



      Actual Image.png



      Please help me in improving the image qaulity.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Looked the same to me.  What differences are you seeing?  There are bitmap

          smoothing and stage quality parameters you can play with.

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            aktell2007 Level 1

            Hi there,


            You are right very much so !!!

            The quality is shocking !!! NO quality at all as is I just can't understand why the Adobe guy can't see that ???


            If you want quality use your .jpg or .pngs etc. as a .swf file ! it will be even better than the original.

            Could you tell me please what the resolution of your Images where ??? in kb or else.


            regards aktell2007

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              Peter deHaan Level 4

              Which version of the Flex SDK are you using?

              And can you attach the original image (or is that the original image above?)


              I tried on my machine locally with the mx:Image tag and Flex Hero s:Image tag and both looked much closer to the original image than your previous screenshot.



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                Aryan7 Level 1

                Please have a look at swords in both the pictures.Picture is blur in flex application.

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                  Aryan7 Level 1

                  Size of images is around 1-5 MB.

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                    Aryan7 Level 1

                    I am using version 3 of Flex SDK. Would ypu please post your code?

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                      Peter deHaan Level 4

                      My example code was:


                      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml">
                          <mx:ApplicationControlBar dock="true">
                              <mx:Button id="sdkVer" emphasized="true" initialize="sdkVer.label = mx_internal::VERSION;" click="System.setClipboard(sdkVer.label);" />
                              <mx:TextInput text="{Capabilities.version}" />
                          <mx:Label text="default:" />
                          <mx:Image source="Actual+Image.png" />
                          <mx:Label text="smoothBitmapContent=true:" />
                          <mx:Image source="Actual+Image.png" smoothBitmapContent="true" />
                          <mx:Label text="smoothBitmapContent=false:" />
                          <mx:Image source="Actual+Image.png" smoothBitmapContent="false" />



                      And I'm using Flex 3.5. You can see my output in the attached screenshot. All the images look pretty good (specifically watching the sword handle and detail by the hand). But I'm using your attached PNG files from the forum, so it may not be exactly what you're seeing if you're loading higher resolution images into Flash Player and then somehow scaling those images down.



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                        aktell2007 Level 1

                        Hi there,


                        ??? Did you mean 1 to 5 mB ??? That seems to me quiet over the top even with .png's.


                        You should have best quality Images in Flex 3 or FB 4 with up to max. 300kb top's.

                        I myself never used in the last four years with Fashion/Model etc. and other high quality Images larger than 180 kb as a .jpg Image, and maybe 300 kb as png's (Very seldom).

                        The Image should be resized, optrmized to it's best and stript of all internal Camera Information which is not needed, and you still should have as backup your original. These days I'm myself using ONLY .swf files which come up with so much better sparkling Images !!! from the original.

                        Say you had done all the work mentioned above with a .jpg or .png Image 300 kb file getting it into .swf file will reduce it (Depends on the Image itself) to around 120 kb again, and still will be better than the original of 1 to 5 mb !!!


                        I understand the point the second Adobe guy likes to make, but I do not believe that you should not have to use the code supplied making such a difference to your Images I didden even knew about these properties and therefore have never used them either, but than again I do have hardly use the 'mx:Image' in Flex.


                        regards aktell2007