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    trouble using setInterval method


      Hello all,


      I am trying to write a class that will take a string (provided by a different class) and display it gradually, character by character, as if it were being written by a typewriter.  To do this I am making use of the setInterval method in flash.utils, but I'm having difficulties... whenever I test the movie there is no text displayed, but flash isn't reporting any errors.  Here is the code:


      package  {
          import flash.display.MovieClip;
          import flash.text.TextField;
          import flash.utils.*;
          public class TypeWriter extends MovieClip {
              private var myTextField2:TextField = new TextField();

              private var myTextField3:TextField = new TextField();
              var i:int = 0;
              var intervalId:uint;
              public function TypeWriter() {

                  myTextField3.y = 50;
                  myTextField3.x = 0;
                  myTextField3.width = 5;
                  myTextField2.y = 50;
                  myTextField2.x = 0;

                  myTextField2.width = 5;


           public function writeCharsSlowly(){
                  var textToWrite:String = arguments[0];
                  var displayedChar:String = textToWrite.substring(i,i+1);
                  myTextField2.text = displayedChar;
                  myTextField2.x += 5;

                  myTextField3.text = "" + myTextField3.text + displayedChar;  //stores and concatenates the characters as they come
                  myTextField3.width += 5;
                  if (i == textToWrite.length) {


           public function playAtIntervals(theText:String) {   //calls function writeCharsSlowly at regular intervals of 1 second...
                   i = 0;
                  intervalId = setInterval(writeCharsSlowly, 1000, theText);


      I call the function in the main class thusly:


      public function testTypeWriter(){
                  var typeW:TypeWriter = new TypeWriter();
                  typeW.playAtIntervals("Hello brave Adventurer");

      but nothing is displayed... any ideas?