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    Bug found when exporting files

    Jeremy Sawatzky

      This started only recently, perhaps with one of the recent updates. But when I am exporting out of premiere pro cs5 - in both .mov or .mpeg2 (havent tryed others) if i export the entire work area bar as u see it in the timeline and dont trim it a couple frames in the export options - the quality of my final render sucks big time, massive aliasing artifacting just looks horrid. Now if i add a couple black frames onto the end of my timeline and extend the work area bar to include these new back frames, THEN trim the work area in the export options and render the quality is great - just what i wanted. WHAT THE HECK! oh and to confuse u further i can make my work area bar tiny in the timeline (to export quality test shots with low render time) and dont trim it in the export options the quality is perfect!.


      Please help me out - just finished 20 hours of rendering and from all my small tests everything was perfect but when i went full length it all looks like crap