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    SWC files not updating


      I have some swc files in my Flex Project which I'm editing back and forth from Flash and I'm having a problem with getting Flash Builder to update the changes after I re-save the files. I've tried deleting the swc files from the build path, then adding them back, but Flash Builder seems to be ignoring the changes and perhaps holding some sort of cached reference to the older version of the swc. I tried cleaning the project, but this didn't help either. Any advice would be appreciated.



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          injpix Level 3

          My only suggestion at this point would be to restart FlashBuilder.  It seems that FlashBuilder has a bug which doesn't update SWCs immediately.

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            BennyB23 Level 1

            Hey, thanks for the suggestion. It didn't work, but I managed to make changes by saving and referencing the changes in the web browser. Strangely enough, Flash Builder started behaving properly after numerous edits, but I'm not sure what sequence of events lead to semi-cooperation, so I can't really suggest anything to anyone else.