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    Bad /BBox

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      Hello folks - I am new to this forum and I have an issue we need help with.


      I am the admin for my Co. who uses QuickBooks Ent 11 and we send out our pay stubs to all our employees via the built in QuickBooks web email service. We have been doing this for years and only recently have the issue ( we upgraded Qb from version 10 to 11 )


      The PayStubs are automatically converted into pdf format and then sent out. Each employee gets their stub this way and they can either download the file to there PC or open it - they do need to enter a password since the pdf is password protected.


      What is happening to some folks and not others ( this is what is baffling ) is that when they open the pdf after entering their password - some employees will get an Adobe Dialog box with an error that "The font LRKLXQ+TimesNewRoman contains a bad /BBox" and  behind the error - I see the document opened but it looks like Morse Code with lines running it - nothing readable.


      I spoke with QuickBooks at length and all they can suggest was to use Outlook to send out the Stubs -- OK good-bye - they could not help.


      I spoke with Adobe Tech person who said they never saw that error and maybe each employee is using a old version of Adobe Reader! Ok - bye bye too.


      I can read my stub  no problem - the person next to me cannot read hers - same PC model - same Adobe Version - email client not-withstanding - the issue occurs with WebMail / Outlook clients / Thunderbird Clients etc - its a mixed bag. I cannot tell who is having the issue all the time because this week I can read my stub but next week I can't and get the error !!! and person who could not read his/her stub can now read the next one they get !!


      Also - we seem to get the error only with PayStub function - and from what I can tell, it does not happen with any  other report or reports that go out as pdf docs.


      Don't know what else to tell - we are running QB on a Windows 2003 Server up-to-date patches etc - Adobe 9.3 installed  - all is Ok with QB too on that server.


      I really am hoping that someone here can help.


      Right now  my HRO person is printing each person's PayStub and scanning it to each employee - in PDF Format - which they have no problem opening!!


      Please -- HELP!!

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          suggest you read my message above yours by ~4 hours.  We seem to be experiencing similar problems.  My IT dep't response was not very helpful.  This appears to be some sort of Adobe issue that requires their action.

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            Same exact problem here. Went from Quickbooks Enterprise 10 to 11 this week, and sending out batchs of Customer Statements resulted in the "bad bbox" unreadable error. Generating the Statements one at a time works fine.


            Intuit seems to know about the problem and is unhelpful to say the least. Thier suggestion is "don't use the features we coded into our software and sold to you, waste your entire day sitting there and create Statements one at a time". Thanks Intuit!!




            By the way, I did notice that the "Quickbooks PDF Printer" driver seemed to be missing. My Quickbooks install was using "Microsoft XPS driver" or something like that.  Perhaps that is part of the problem?


            I have downloaded, from Intuits website, a tool called "PDF problem finder and fixer" or something like that, and ran it.


            BE AWARE that if you run this tool, it kills all Quickbooks processes running on the system without warning, so my users that we logged in and working via Terminal Sessions and otherwise got kicked off right in the middle of the day. Again, cheers Intuit.


            After the tool ran (more like a DOS / Command line script) - I did have the Quickbooks PDF Printer available as a Printer. I *think* that after a Statement is printed using any given printer driver, that's the one used going forward. We are creating a big batch of Statements and hope it resolves the issue.

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              Upon further investigation, Quickbooks 11 does not directly use a PDF writer, it uses Microsoft XPS driver. My assumption that "reinstalling" by running Intuits PDF problem finder app would help was incorrect. Also, per Intuit's KB, making smaller batches of statements, etc. also did not help. VERY fusrating.