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    AE cs5 freezes when loading project

    nyumeddei Level 1

      Screen shot 2010-11-04 at 4.36.24 PM.png

      Mac Pro Tower (2009), quadcore, 8 gigs of ram, 20% free on System HD. Cache cleaned and emptied on all CS5 products. Running up to date CS5.


      I was exporting a file after small tweaks in the timeline to a PNG Quicktime , and all hell has broken lose. AE froze when i pressed render, and i had to force quit. From then on, i have not been able to open any project that has a dynamic link, premiere sequence or QT movie. It starts to open the project and then hangs like the dialog box in the preview window shows. Shutting down QT32 Server does not help. Shutting down Time Machine does not help. Making the QT movies offline does not help. starting a new project and then importing the old projects that are in question does not help. These files worked just minutes before, and now, they do not. Please help me.


      At one time, i was so excited about dynamic link and the integration btw all these tools. It seemed so promising.  But working on a mac with cs5 has been a nightmare. If you have any suggestions to what format i should convert any of my footage to in order to not use Quicktime File types, that would be nice. Otherwise, please find a way to get Quicktime to work well with CS5.