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    Saved Themes

    Srta._Pinta Level 1
      I just noticed that if I just "save" a theme it is still visible for all to see. I thought if we just saved them they were only visible to the creator.

      Example: I have a bunch of themes named "123" saved because I am still working on them. They were never published.

      Is there any way around this please?

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          Tim Strickland
          When I do a search of "123", none of your themes are displayed. Can you confirm that when you log out of the application, these themes are viewable?

          Tim Strickland
          lead kuler geek
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            Srta._Pinta Level 1
            Hi Tim thanks for the reply.

            No it didn't come out searching for the theme name, it came out when I searched for my screen name.

            I thought it was strange, and interestingly enough I was on a different computer. I just tried again and it is fine.

            Not sure what happened there, could of just been me - sorry.