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    Problems reader extending forms




        I have recently started working with LiveCycle and have run into some problems with Reader Extensions.  I have created a small form for testing which connects to a database, queries the database based on information entered by the user, and populates a drop down list with the results of the query.  The distributed version of this form will be viewed in Acrobat Reader 9 and therefore needs to be Reader Extended.


        I have Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2 and have applied the extensions for "database and web service connectivity" as well as "add, delete, and change form fields" and everything appears to run fine.  After i download the file, copy it to a different machine, and open it with Acrobat Reader I either get a message box saying that the form has been changed and that the extended features will not be available, or it opens up but still does nothing.  The extended versions work perfectly in Acrobat, which is to be expected.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas onwhat my problem might be and/or a solution.