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    [Ann.] Before starting yet another discussion complaining about InDesign's "Print Booklet ..."


      If InDesign's "Print Booklet" feature isn't doing what you want, please try the "Booklet SC 5.0" script (formerly "Booklet CE").


      Unlike Print Booklet, Booklet SC doesn't force you to print ... instead, it creates a new InDesign document whose pages are in the proper "saddle stitch" (or perfect bound) order. This allows you to print wherever and whenever you want, or convert to PDF. Also unlike Print Booklet, graphics which span the reader spreads are handled properly. 


      Booklet SC optionally creates cut marks / printer marks on the output printer spreads, giving additional prepress flexibility.


      Booklet SC should still work with earlier versions of InDesign, back to CS2 or so, and up through CS5, Mac and Windows.




      (Note: after 3 usages, Booklet SC starts to nag you every third time to send $10, to support my espresso habit, reward me for spending all that time writing and testing this complex script, encourage me to keep the script up to date, and help me to know who is using the script. If you cannot afford the $10, you can either live with the nagging, or continue your struggle with Print Booklet.)


      The main dialog:




      With an 8-page booklet, the pages are reordered like this: