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    i have numerous text fields which are data binded , i need to concatinate them


      Hi i

      have numerous text fields data binded, which i have to concatinate all  of them to show on a particaular section, the thing is if the data field is null, the then it should not be shown, i mean if the data field is has nothing i get a null


      my code is as follows:




      = xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_1").rawValue+ " " + xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_2").rawValue+" " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_3").rawValue+" " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_4").rawValue




      " " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_5").rawValue+" " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_6").rawValue+" " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_7").rawValue




      " " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri__sec_8").rawValue+" " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_9").rawValue+" " +xfa.resolveNode("Page7.pre_pri_sec_10").rawValue  etc...;


      so if some of the fields has no value then it is shoing as "null", how do i get rid of this null,..? and if any field has no value then there is a space left over for it.


      can somebody help me on this..


      Thanks in advance