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    Seemingly trivial but can't see to do it




      I always liked using the arrow keys for moving objects in situations where I need more precise control e.g. I use this technique in Photoshop all the time. Is there a trick to using arrow keys in PrE 9? For example, I'm trying to position my text on my video layer but I seem to be able to move it around only using my mouse. Is there not a way to use the arrow keys to move objects like that?


      Also, in once situation, I needed to put a white background behind my text to make it more legible. So I placed a white rectangle behind it. Then I tried centering the text inside the box. I used "Align Objects" from the right click menu but the Vertical and Horizontal Align just didn't do the trick. The idea was the center the text inside the box with equal margin around the text.


      Such trivial things seem to become challenges for me. Is it me or can you not do these things in PrE 9?