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    Imported MS Help, bookmarks don't display correctly in TOC


      New to RH here and have some questions.


      I imported a Microsoft Help Project (previously created from Framemaker 7 and WebWorks Publisher) and while the import seemed to work fine I had a couple of issues. I had to manually import the mapping file (.h file) even though it was in the same directory as the MS Help Project file. Next, I couldn't get the TOC or Index to appear in the generated .chm file. Again, I had to set up these manually. I also had to manually map my topics to the mapping IDs in the mapping file. So I'm not sure if all of this is normal or if I am missing something when doing an import.


      More of an issue:


      1. The TOC, I now have markers (for example, wp17795) that I imagine are from WebWorks Publisher. And these markers translate like that to the generated .chm file. In the past, when using WebWorks Publisher, there was some mapping that translated the bookmark to text, corresponding to the heading where the bookmark is located. So I need to know how to change those to get the text heading into the TOC.


      2. The title that appears in the top line of the .chm file has the first character missing and a comma inserted at the end. Where does RH pull this information from, and is it editable?


      Thanks much,