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    P2P Vs Clent-Server-Client Vs Cirrus Vs FMS4


      Ok, so I'm strying to make my first realtime game in Flash and I'm sure some of you are too. I'm reading lots of theory about multiplayer games, things like latency, interpolation, prediction, time, floating point determinism, security, hacking...


      My mind is about to explode, let alone trying to figure out whats the best / fastest method of transferring realtime game data between clients. Since Cirrus and FMS4 has so many different options about how to send data its getting quite overwhelming.


      So I'm trying to break it down in steps. I figure there's two options and these are determined by hacking.


      1. Use Peer to Peer networking


      • Hacked easily.
      • Fastest method?
      • Latency determined by slowest connected client. (All actions must be sent and received by all members before continuing next time step)
      • Possibly easier to program?


      2. Use Client to Server to Client networking.


      • Cannot hack.
      • Slower method?
      • Latency determined by client to server connection. (All actions sent to server, processed, received back to client).
      • Need to code both server side and client side.


      http://www.gafferongames.com/networking-for-game-programmers/what-every-programmer-needs-t o-know-about-game-networking


      that article clearly states that client to server is the winner. Along with many other articles. Now after selecting one of the above you are faced with what protocol to use, sending messages/ updates, handling updates, keeping clients in sync... This is where I'm lost and asking for help.


      What is the best way in both scenarios to keep latency low and clients in sync in terms of protocols, message types and update loops?