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    One background through all frames?

      I have a top, left and main frame is there any way to have a single background that that would show up in all frames? Say like a picture or something?
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          Yes - but not really.

          You can't span a single image across all frames because they are
          individual pages. You can fake it by lining up the background images if
          you know the exact frame dimensions. For example - consider a simple
          2-frame design with a left navigation frame of 200px and a right content
          frame taking up the rest of the width of the browser window. The left
          frame would house the background image in full. Of course - you'd only
          see the left 200px of it. Then in the content frame, use the same
          background image, but offset it by 200px to the left with some CSS:

          .body_content {
          background: url(images/bg.gif) no-repeat -200px 0;

          That will pull the image 200px left with no vertical offset. You'd
          assign the class body_content to the BODY tag of the page(s) living in
          the content frame.

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