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    Mail to Link

    Christopher Joos Level 1

      I have a thumbnail of my resume in jpeg form in which i want to serve as a mail to link.  I made it a button and when I go to add interaction i find an option that says go to url... but how can i make it a mail to link?  if i enter email@myemail.com it just goes to yahoo where i hold my email account. Any suggestions anyone? I extremely new to this sofware...teaching myself.

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Christopher,


          What do you want to happen when you click the link?  Normally, a browser responds to a mailto link by opening your preferred mail client and starting a new message addressed to the email address in the link.  In this case, it sounds like your Yahoo webmail is set as your preferred mail client.


          - Peter

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            I think he wants to put a mailto link onto the textarea.

            I am trying the same in vain and cannot manage to.


            Is there a solution without using Flex for that?

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              Bear Travis Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              Flash Catalyst does not currently support links inside of a block of text. To get a similar effect, you can break up text around a "link" button, or you can overlay text with a transparent button that picks up a click event.


              If you want the link to be in the text proper, you will have to pull your project over to Flash Builder. You may find this article helpful for that.




              (again, you would use a "mailto" link to open up an email client)

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                humandesigner Level 1

                Hey Bear


                Thank you for the quick reply.


                The workaround with the transparent box is what I already do.

                It works fine with URLs but I could not get it to work with a mailto function.


                What is it exactly that I have to put into the "interaction" field?


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                  Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                  Hi there,


                  Please see these two previous discussions. One involves taking your project into Builder, but that generally isn't necessary.





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                    humandesigner Level 1

                    Hey Bear


                    thank you for the quick responds.


                    The transparent box method works now, but it might be of interest that – at least in my case – the box has to have at least a transparency of value 1. With value 0 the browser seems to ignore the box and therefore the link. With a slightly "visible" box the "mailto:adress" method works with the URL drop down. It could be easier for most users if that would be integrated as a mailto: option in the next version of the program.


                    The workaraound with Builder had the problem that after editing the *.fxp in Builder it could not be opend in Catalyst anymore. Is there a solution for that? Could be helpful for my project.


                    Thank you again.


                    Greetings from Germany