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    Physics for Director MX 2004 10.1

    Grampa Gar Level 1

      Here's the situation. I own Director MX 2004 10.1 and I need to do some physics stuff. I developed a nice simulation using Havok that works great in a projector, but it lost one critical functionality in Shockwave that I can't seem to resolve (collisions involving repositioned fixed rigid bodies act as if they were never moved). I know Havok is dead and Ageia PhysX is what I should be using, but I really don't want to upgrade to 11.5 just for Ageia. I was hoping to hold out until D12.


      Is it possible to get Ageia for Director 10.1?


      Are there any old Havok gurus out there thay know how to move a fixed rigid body and have it repond to collisions in the new location?


      Do I have to bite the bullet and buy D11.5?