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    Possible help


      Possibly helpful.  Having problems getting PDFs to download and freezing I started getting deeper into things.  Using that below I found the PDF I wanted downloaded was being download even though the KB number shown was froze. After 2 or 3 minutes  the 900 KB displayed fully. Okay, I'm on Dial Up and things are slow. Today I the phone company test our phone line and reported it good. I contacted the answering service for our Internet service and related of what I found. He has yet to return my call.

      Here's something I found;

      1 - Can do this after #5.  Start downloading anything, especially PDFs of fair to large size.

      2 - Click Control Panel

      3 - Click Network and Sharing

      5 - Click View Status - Connection Service should display

      6 - In bottom half, under activity is sent / received and showing if receiving - numbers changing

      7 - In bottom right hand corner is Tab "diagnose."  Click it.


      Doing such I found my Sever may be my problem. I took a Snap Shot of the Diagnose msg. Don't know of fast way to insert picture, but here is the msg. I got;

      Can not communicate with DNS server (

      Network diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response.

      Windows found a problem that can not be repaired automatically.

      Contact your Internet service provider or network administrator for help or click here for information about things you can try to help resolve the problem.