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    Assign a task to multiple groups in disorder

    EvanJan Level 1

      Hello ,

          I want to assign task to multiple groups , and the number is dynamic in each process instance . The requirement is I just want to the group who gets the task first can deal with it and  loop this action to the left groups , because I don't know which group is avaliable for the task .

          Any suggestion is welcome?

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          You can use the "Assign Multiple Tasks" operation from the User service to assign a task to multiple users or groups.


          In the Participants section, add a new user list with the list of groups. You can populate the user list dynamically using another process.


          This other process can get the list of groups from where ever you want, as long as it returns a list of strings, where the strings refers to the guid for the particular groups.