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    Pre 7 - HD 1080i 16:9 stills

    Ski and Surf



      I probably won't use all the terms correctly, but here's my best shot:


      I am editing HD 1080i video and trying to create DVD menus.  I want the backgrounds to be still shots from the footage.  When I locate the frame I want and use the camera icon to capture the frame, I can insert the still into the sceneline and it is a true representation of the footage, only still.  However, when I try to use this same image in the DVD menu it is squished to almost a square (4:3 I believe).  I tried changing to square pixels and it gives me a widescreen image but with black letterboxing on all four sides.  How do I get a still shot into the DVD menus without it being squished?


      Thanks in advance!!!