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    Launch App with Native Process

    Yue_Hong Level 1



      I want to launch serproxy application (http://www.lspace.nildram.co.uk/freeware.html) using native process in adobe air. But it seems not working.


      Here is my code:


      protected function launchSerproxy():void{
           var serproxy:File = File.applicationDirectory;
           serproxy = serproxy.resolvePath("serproxy/serproxy.exe");
           var nativeProcessStartupInfo:NativeProcessStartupInfo = new NativeProcessStartupInfo();
           nativeProcessStartupInfo.executable = serproxy;
           var process:NativeProcess = new NativeProcess();
           // connect to the com port


      Flex did not return any error or problem on runtime. What should I do to have Adobe Air load and run serproxy? Thanks.