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    Update: RED performance on my mid-level system


      Happy to say that I'm able to edit, at least in short form, 3 tracks (opacity changes to two of the tracks, color corrections to all three tracks applied) of 4K RAW RED .R3D files at 1/4 resolution in real-time on my fairly new very mid-level Intel i7 930 (without OC), Asus P6X58D mainboard, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 480 system. Note that I'm planning to invest in the RED Scarlet 8x fixed lens camera, which will produce 3K RAW files, so I may even be able to edit at 1/2 resolution. As you can see from this screenshot, even editing at 1/4 resolution is more than adequate, compared to working with AVCHD, where playback resolution differences are more apparent. Thoughts anyone?