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    Poor encoding quality for HD


      I recently bought a Panasonic Camcorder 3CMOS to get the best HD quality (MEPG2 1080x1920 50i/s progressive)

      But I was frustrated by the Pr Encoder. I set the highest quality parameter with MPEG2 (bitrate up to 35 Mps, 2 passes) and H.264 (like wise) and did not get even the quality provided by the very simple editing application delivered by Panasonic with the camcorder (Coding H264).

      Is there any way to replace the Pr encoder for the exportation of sequences.

      Thank you for your help.


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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          Phalch - what are you trying to do?  What kind of delivery format are you going for.  Perhaps some of your problem may be around the fact that 35 megabit MPEG2 is not used for a delivery codec and may have been part of the problem when trying to play it back in something like Quicktime or another player.


          Could you provide some more information please.

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            phalch Level 1



            Thanks a lot for your answer. Actually I use Pr for editing the clips from my camcorder. I export the sequences with Pr Mainconcept codec and burn the resulting file into a Bluray disc with Toast.  Finaly I watch the sequences in a high end HD equipment with bluray player (I have done this for years with final cut express and a less perfoming camcorder).


            For comparison purposes, I exported the same sequence with different parameters settings, burned the files and played them in the bluray player.


            The resulting quality does not meet with my expectations. There are not artifacts or lack of fluidity due but the pictures are not sharp enough (sharp edges are blurred) compared with the HDMI camcorder output or even from a sequence burnt with the very rudimentary application delivered by panasonic with the camcorder. I am fully aware that I cannot get the native quality but there is room for improvement and I feel frustrated by Pr encoding.


            That the reason why I was looking for another encoder.


            Thanks for you help



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Could you give your excate export settings, pref a screendump.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                I haven't used it yet, but I am wanting to try it because of CQ mode.




                "No more looking for the perfect bitrate for a source--HandBrake is migrating to quality-based encoding. This means that instead of telling encoders to use a specific size and vary quality to meet it, we tell the encoder to vary size to meet a given quality level. Overall quality improves, since bits are spent only when they are needed, and are saved when they are not. While this means output size is somewhat unpredictable, the results in picture quality speak for themselves."


                I use the free HC Encoder for standard definition for the same reason.  It's CQ mode produces noticeably better results than the MainConcept engine Adobe has licensed.

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                  phalch Level 1

                  Thank you.


                  That sounds encouraging. I am working in a MAC environment. Do you know how set a new codec with Pr, i.e. to replace Mainconcept?


                  Thank you



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                    I also have a Panasonic, the SD-707, and I noticed the same as you. Downscaling to DVD is good, not as best as it can be but I can live with that quality. But exporting HD is bad (MPEG2 and H264).

                    So, I've decided to export from Premiere to HUFFYUV and after that, I use ffmpeg to convert to x264. And that quality is soooo much better.


                    I've also tried Komisar VFW x264 build but the exported movie stutters so it's unusable. I would know if Premiere could export directly to x264 because it's a high quality codec and better than the build-in mainconcept H264.


                    I've converted some movies of my son for the web with ffmpeg and everyone who have seen those like the quality. I've tried to get the same quality with Premiere but the filesize is much bigger and the quality worse. With ffmpeg I scaling down to 1280x720 and use a bitrate of 1500k. A movie of 5 minutes is 59 MB.


                    So, maybe you can try ffmpeg and compare it with Premiere export.


                    You can download HUFFYUV here: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/HuffYUV

                    FFMPEG can you download from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mplayer-win32/files/


                    You can download both for free.

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                      phalch Level 1

                      Thank you Freddy,



                      Sounds promising.


                      I work in a Mac environment with Pr running on Mac only. I have not found yet how to use external codecs apart from Mainconcept and Encore.



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                        dradeke Adobe Employee



                        If you'd like to look at other codecs and encoders, by all means do so.  Sorenson Squeeze is a good product for the Mac and PC.  However, as Ann and I have asked, you might include your settings in a follow up or a screenshot.  While you may have issue with AME or MainConcept, many others use it daily to good effect and it might be worthwhile to see if there is something in the settings that can be tweaked to give you the results you are looking for.



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                          Jim_Simon Level 9
                          how set a new codec with Pr, i.e. to replace Mainconcept?


                          I don't believe that is possible.  Which is why the external software is needed for transcoding.