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    How to hide classes from mxml code hinting?

    FM_Flame Level 1

      The question:

      Is it possible to not display in mxml code hinting all of the classes defined in the flex project library swc I've created and deployed in a flex project?

      Note: because they don't really work on their own, but just the one I want the user to see, in this case: Flamenage is the component I want the developer too see and I don't want him to see my custom events as components as well as some other classes. How do I fix that ?




      mx.events.FlexEvent has many events like creationComplete and so on. I opened the class.. nothing special there.. all events are described and the class extends Event. Why when you type <mx: you can't find <mx:FlexEvent, while in my case you can find <fmn:FlamenageEvent, which extends Event the same way... that's my point.


      So how do I hide these?