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    RoboHelp 6 skins


      I want to apologize for asking what many others already know.

      However, I'm new to a project that has had multiple authors using different RoboHelp versions. In updating the projects in RoboHelp 6, I'm trying to get them all to look the same. I'm trying to get a custom skin to work for RoboHelp HTML (but the online help seems to indicate WebHelp should be the SSL choice, since HTML was not mentioned in the skins explanation).

      My limited understanding of skins (couldn't get "the skinny on skins to open" on IE because of the security patch) is that a customized skin has to be saved outside of the skins folder to prevent it being overwritten when a project is generated. But then how does RoboHelp get the customized skin to use to generate the project?

      My questions are:

      1. How do I get an HTML project to generate the .CHM using the customized skin?
      2. How can I view the .CHM in IE (because I created it on this PC, there is no Unblock option for .CHM files), since I believe the generated project Preview uses the default skin?

      Thank you,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Skins are for webhelp but RoboWizard is a clever guy and has managed to make them work in CHM files.

          Can you not download his Skinny on Skins? If not, I believe the method has also been posted on these forums.

          Try the RoboHelp HTML category as well as this one.

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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi HAL

            Skins only apply to the world of WebHelp. You cannot use them with Microsoft HTML Help (.CHM) files.

            You say you were unable to get the Skinny on Skins to open? If so, I'm guessing it's because the file has been blocked. Did you follow the instructions outlined at this link?

            You say you want to view the .CHM in IE. .CHM files display using the Windows HTML Help viewer. The viewer uses parts of IE for its display. So you are actually using IE to view the .CHM.

            Have you considered a class on RoboHelp? Contact me if you are interested.

            Cheers... Rick
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Sorry Peter, didn't see you standing there.

              HAL, sorry, I forgot to say: welcome to our community!
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                HAL_2001 Level 1
                Peter and Rick,

                Thank you for the welcome, for your answers, and for your expertise.

                I was able to get "the skinny on skins" open. Very useful information. Thank you for clarifying that skins work for WebHelp. (In my ignorance I thought I could also create a custom skin for HTML Help. I did give it a try.)

                However, the customized skin looks good; and following information regarding changes to the About box made a definite improvement over the default information.

                Maybe being able to customize skins in HTML would be a nice feature to add to RoboHelp? (Maybe it is just me.)

                I will definitely look into RoboHelp training in the D.C area.

                Thank you again,
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                  HKabaker Level 2
                  RIck would have to travel a bit for a DC location.

                  Rick, do you travel? Or can it be an online course?

                  Maybe I should get certified. Just kidding, I think.

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    Come on Harvey, he's a (Robo)Wizard, of course he travels! :-)