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    Do Canon lens profiles fit APS-C cameras?

    neutron storm Level 1



      as far as I know the Full Frame Canon lens profiles were generated from shots with a 5DMKII. As the smaller sensor only "sees" part of the lens' picture, the lens profiles cannot just be scaled. They have to be cropped instead. This is very important because vignetting, CAs and geometric distortions affect the borders of the image - a picture taken with a APS-C sensor often doesn't even "see" the problematic areas.

      I have a EOS 500D body, a 28-135mm IS USM and a 50mm/1.8 lens. My impression is that the applied corrections in Lightroom 3.2 are not correct. It seems the profiles are scaled. Am I doing sth. wrong? Do I have to generate my own profiles?


      Thanks in advance for your answers,