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    Tab system

    Copyprint_ Level 1

      Dear developer, it would be nice to have a "Close other tabs" option with the right mouse button like in Mozilla Firefox. It would be useful when you have to open a lot of small images to paste in the main document, and after they have been pasted the option are just close all or close (the file which have the focus). It would not be so hard to implement (is just like close all tab except the one you are calling the function) and it would be more user friendly.


      Thank you.

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          Paul Riggott Level 6

          This should be close, it will do exactly what you want, but the command will be at the bottom of the "Filter" menu.

          Place the script in the Application Presets/Scripts folder


          #target photoshop
          <name>Close other tabs</name> 
          <about>Close all documents except current  tab</about> 
          var thisTab = app.activeDocument;
          var files=[];
          for(var a =0;a<app.documents.length;a++){
          for(var a in files){
              if(files[a] != thisTab) files[a].close(SaveOptions.DONOTSAVECHANGES); 
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            Copyprint_ Level 1

            Thank you, it is a pretty simple script. Hopefully some CS5 Dev will put this as built-in on the next patch (if any) in order to add a trigger with the right mouse button.