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    PopUp's item setfocus problem

    ArrowUpRight Level 2



      I use this constr.



                      <s:NumericStepper id="stepper"/>


      to display a popUp with PopUpManager.createPopUp etc.


      But, because NumericStepper(NS) is imlemented with MXML, it does not exist in TitleWindow's(TW) display list when TW is ADDED_TO_STAGE.


      so, when i try to setFocus on NS in different ways (can be more cpecific if you need) when it's added to stage, when TW is added or added_to_stage, etc.


      it reveals to flash player crush or the error that ""NS isn't exist on stage, so can not setFocus on it"".


      I need to setFocus() on NS when it appears, how can i do it with such this MXML implementation?