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    Reinstalled Pagemaker 7 won't open documents

    akirson Level 1

      In a previous thread I asked about PM7 on Win7 and the recommendation was to not use Win7.  Acting on that suggestion, I switched to an XP Pro machine, reinstalled PM7, and lo and behold, it refuses to open any of the previous documents.  I get the "Cannot open file.  8009.16404" error.


      This is a completely fresh installation of PM7 on a new XP Pro SP3 computer.  The file I am trying to open opens fine on the original computer using the exact same install package.  Thinking that it had something to do with the CPU (the new one is a Core2 Duo, the old one is Pentium 4), I installed PM7 on yet another machine (Dell Dimension 2400 with P4), and the same thing happens.  It seems like the PM7 .pmd files from the original computer will not open on any other installation of PM7.


      Before I tear out what little hair I have left, I am hoping that someone out there has an idea of the what the @#$% is going on!  Please?