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    FLV question

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      I have an FLV file, provided by the videographer. I put in a folder for the web. By looking at my other FLV files, they have support files included (a SWF for the skin, and a SWF for the player, along with an HTML page where it is embedded on).

      So, as this FLV file did not have these support files, I have copied and pasted the others to go with my new FLV. What else do I need to do to make it play on the HTML page on the web? I checked the code on the HTML page, and it merely calls up one of the SWFs so should be OK with that.


      Do I need the videographer to give me a FLA where the movie was imported to, or is this not necessary? I'm wondering if I need the FLA so that I can re-define the content path? Is this the only thing I need to get all components to work together and play in the browser?


      Thank you!

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          do you have a flash program?  if yes, create a new fla, drag and flvplayback component from the component panel to the stage, select a skin and assign the contentPath (as2) or source (as3) to your folder/flv file name.


          then publish your html and swf.  upload both to your server and if a skin swf is published, upload it, too.