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    Burrito Mobile Android App - Can't Debug On Device




      I followed the TwitterTrends tutorial on how to build a mobile android app.  I got to the point to debug on the device (phone, mine is Motorolla Droid - Android 2.2 os), and it just doesn't work.  Here is what is set up on my phone:

      • Phone is connected with USB
      • USB storage is on
      • USB Debugger is turned on
      • The phone is connected to the wireless network that my computer is plugged into - development computer can ping my phone
      • My computer's firewall is off
      • I have followed all the instructions on how to debug on the device, nothing, can't find a device

      So, my coputer sees my phone (I can browse its directories) and my phone sees my computer.  What else could be going wrong??  Not much on the internet about people having problems and seems like it should be easy.


      Please let me know if you have any suggestions!!




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