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    wedding efects


      please recomended me how make interesting efects for wedding editions. Thanks....

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          Heterosexual wedding = fade to white

          Gay wedding = pink wipe

          Ethnic wedding = fade to black

          Pervert's wedding = flash frame

          Netherlands wedding = Dutch shot

          Eskimo wedding = freeze frame

          Tortoise wedding = slo-mo

          Bucolic wedding = barn doors effect

          Cryogenic's wedding = blue screen

          Eco-warrior's wedding = green screen

          Thermometer's wedding = Mercury Playback Engine


          oh and...


          Librarian's wedding = page turn

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Librarian's wedding = page turn

            But remember, an editor only gets one use of Page Turn, so they must choose just the right place to use it! Seems that at least through CS4, that Transition faded away (pun intended), after the one allocated use. Some poster here needed about four applications of it, and many of us offered our unused Page Turn. Now, Page Curl - well, I do not think that PrPro will even allow one use of that, but maybe Todd got it changed in CS5.


            Now, to the OP, I'd urge you to go lightly on any Effects or special Transitions, and only use them, when they really do enhance the feeling of the video. Judicious use of Blurs, and maybe a lowering of Opacity, when the main Clip is placed over a White Video. Edge Feather, when used sparingly, can add an ethereal feeling to scenes. To me, the event, the storytelling by the videographer and editor, plus high quality will make for the ultimate capturing of the wedding. I would tread very lightly, and only add anything, if it truly enhances the piece.


            Jim Simon, a valued contributor here, does weddings, along with his other commercial work. I will be interested in hearing his take on editing the nuptials.




            [Edit] Going back half-a-lifetime, my then partner did society weddings and portraiture, while I did "daddy's" advertising stills. Mike shot about 50 high-end weddings per year, and for most of the New Orleans society. Most of his work was very, very straight forward. He seldom used much vignetting, or any sort of mattes or masks, and his portfolio, that sold his work, concentrated on capturing every moment, with but few "tricks." Others, of that day, did tons of soft-focus, mattes and masks, and even all sorts of little embellishments, like birds holding a banner with the bride and groom's names, or singing on the corners of the stills. Even though this was back in 1978, his weddings started at about US$2000, and then prints were atop that.


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