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    the best way to use flash without giving up SEO

    just a designer

      Does a Flash CMS site give you the best of both worlds? I want a “flashy’ site but I need it to be searchable. Does a Flash CMS site rank well enough to do the job? If it does not rank well, is it because the Flash portions would get no SEO but the HTML portions would? ……OR is it something inherently missing in the software that will keep it low on the rankings, no matter what the ratio of Flash versus HTML there is on that site?

      Would an HTML site with Flash plugins hurt my rankings much?

      Could I solve my problem best by having an HTML based landing page that gives access to 2 sites, one strictly HTML and one either Flash or Flash CMS based?  Assuming the landing page and HTML portions are optimized properly, is the content that is on the HTML landing page and HTML site going to give me good SEO results, even though one of the options to choose is a Flash site?

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          I've read extensively that Google ignores everything but text.  So there you have it, give priority to text.  Unless you have inside information to the contrary, which I guess you don't or you wouldn't be asking, then the best bet is to adhere to the consensus.  That doesn't mean you can't use some flash to spice up the visual impression of your site. Here's a site I just built to exibit Papa Johns menu, as you can see it's primarily text, with a little dynamic imaging for viewing pleasure.  I don't know if I really answered your question well, but there it is, IMHO.

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            just a designer Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to reply. I personally don't know how to do that,

            but I was told that it is possible to get SEO with a flash site. I'm not

            sure if they were also referring to google noticing text only, as you

            suggested, but here is what they said:


            -In regards to your email, having flash on your site does not necessarily

            hurt your ranking. If flash was strictly bad for sites then people would not

            use it all because most people want as many views or hits for their site as

            possible. When using a flash site all you need to do is change up your

            tactics a little in order to start ranking higher in search engines. For

            instance if you have a large number of backlinks to a flash site then this

            will greatly help your Page Rank, especially if the sites that are linking

            to yours have a higher Page Rank.



            Another response I got said this:


            - There is a way to create the site where it detects if they have Flash and

            automatically loads the Flash site. If no Flash is detected then it serves

            up the html site. So, google will look at the html site.


            - There is a way to create one cms and have it write to both the flash and

            html sites, using xml.



            Your thoughts?




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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here are some resources that might be helpful to you...


              Flash SEO






              and the O'Reilly book: Search Engine Optimization for Flash by Todd Perkins, ISBN: 978-0-596-52252-0