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    RoboHelp version history

    YL, Supporter of Flash-SpXXSn

      Looking in here and in some other places showed that the history of RoboHelp was rather long, with a lot of version numbers back then.



      So far, I've heard of RoboHelp 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 2000 (8), 2002 (9), RoboHelp Office X5, and... now what, RoboHelp 6, 7 and 8!?


      I don't know what does X5 mean in the first place, but seeing the naming convention of other software, X means 10 and X5 would automatically make me think of 15. And if this is the case, the version following X5 being 6 makes absolutely no sense.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Admittedly I have a suspicion that your post is simply SPAM and is simply here in an effort to try to gain clicks to the link you provided. So I'm going to don my moderator's hat and am watching this thread with a highly critical eye. It does appear that you could be legit in your question. I'm just not sure yet.


          RoboHelp wasn't always owned by Adobe. One of the very early owners was a company called Blue Sky Software. They changed their name later to eHelp. And it was this company that is responsible for the odd naming. In 1999 RoboHelp was at version 7. During the Y2K hubub, they released a version called "2000". So 2000 was logically version 8. Then there was version 9. And in 2002 came version 2002. So that would logically be version 10. Then X3 shipped (version 11) and X4.1 (version 12) and finally X5 (lucky version 13 and where RoboHelp was nearly killed by a bone headed move when Macromedia purchased the eHelp assets)


          Adobe purchases Macromedia's assets and blindly sees the "5" (not X5 and no check for actual history) so they just named the first Adobe version "6". Then there was 7 and now we have 8. So the logical version numbers are:


          6 = 14

          7 = 15

          8 = 16


          I'm not sure anyone really knows the reasoning why the "X" series came to be. Perhaps Mike Hamilton of Madcap, as he was once the Product Manager? for RoboHelp under eHelp and briefly under Macromedia.


          Cheers... Rick


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            YL, Supporter of Flash-SpXXSn Level 1

            Sorry for raising your suspicion. I did not meant to spam.


            Thanks for the answer. I was looking around to see if there's any luck to see people discussing the possible future release of this software and searched "RoboHelp 9". I ended up getting something completely different.

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              RoboWizard Level 4

              Hello again


              Good to know the link wasn't geared toward mystery meat! LOL


              The thing is, we often see folks that have just arrived in the forums and immediately begin creating post after post with each post containing links to their own sites. The express purpose seems to be an attempt to increase search rankings.


              I can assure you that at this point in time, RoboHelp does have a very bright future! And I'm very pleased about that. It's one of my favorite software products and I've been using it pretty much daily for the last 18 years.


              Cheers... Rick