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    Motion Tweening in CS3


      I keep getting dashed lines between keyframes after I se

      lect "Motion Tween" in the properties.  Even a bouncing ball won

      't give me a solid tweening line in the Timeline. I created sy

      mbols and all but no go!  Please clue me in.  Thanks.

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          carl schooff Level 3

          The broken tween is most likely due the fact that you have more than 1 symbol in of the keyframes.

          The most likely suspect is that when you selected your original shape to make it into a symbol you did not include the stroke on that object.


          This is only a guess.


          do the following.

          click on each keyframe and see if more than one element gets selected.

          do an edit > select all and look in the properties panel, if the properties panel says "mixed" or there is "---" under the symbol behavior menu you have more than one symbol or object in that frame.


          also experiment with changing the stage background color, this may help reveal additional objects in each keyframe.

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            joepd Level 1

            Thank you for the input.  Somehow I am always generating a "mixed".  How do I get rid of a score.  It's easy in Fireworks but I

            have no idea how to say "no scoring" in Flash,

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              carl schooff Level 3

              i'm not familiar with the term score, but i'll assume you mean "stroke"


              with any drawing tool selected

              slick on the color swatch underneath the pencil which denotes the stroke color (at the bottom of the tools panel)

              when the color palette opens up select the white swatch with the red line through it (next to alpha)

              this will prevent objects drawn in the future from having strokes.


              to remove an existing stroke, select it and delete it.


              if you are using object drawing mode, click on the object and in the properties panel remove the stroke by selecting the white box with the line through it in the color panel that opens up when you click on the swatch next to the pencil icon.

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                joepd Level 1

                Thank you meglomor.  You have solved my problem.  I could not find the "no stroke: symbol and never realized I had been including a stroke on the object.  Thank you very much.


                Joe Damore

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                  carl schooff Level 3

                  cool. glad to help!