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    Importing MS Word into RoboHelp HTML / TOC Creation/ CHM output?




      I am a newbie to RoboHelp 8 and am trying out the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2.5, and have a Windows 7 (64 Bit) OS.


      At the moment, I have a single 40 page word document (MS Word 2010) that I would like to bring into RoboHelp 8.


      With that said, I create a blank project, and then import the document.  But, when I try to generate and view a help file, I am not seeing the table of contents.  I have even done the AUTO TOC and verify that the links correspond to sections and sub-sections etc. - but still no TOC.


      In addition, for some reason it brought in each of my figures twice, so that I have two figure 1s, two figure twos and so on.


      Finally, it gave me an error message and was complaining about WidgetMax:


      "Compilation failed while compiling http:\www.widgetmax.com."


      I am not sure what that is about either.


      Okay, one more question.  Is there an easy way to break up all the sections/sub-sections into unique topics before or during inport into RoboHTML?  It seems that RH 8 really needs to have multiple topics versus one long topic, containing what was formerly a MS Word document.  What is the best approach to making that happen?


      Overall, I am looking for a nice automated system, whereby I can take developer created documents (from protected MS Word templates) and bring them into RoboHelp HTML (version 8).  Hopefully, I will not have to break apart the entire MS Word document first, before bringing it into RH 8.



      Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions from a newbie.