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    AVCHD files look horrible in AE...


      Ok this is the biggest complaint I have about AE that I have found so far - I bought CS5 Production Premium and am coming from having spent a year working with Sony Vegas Pro.  The first thing I instantly noticed was that all my AVCHD clips looked like crap.  Maybe a first time user wouldn't notice it, but I definitely did.  I went back to Sony and took a still frame shot (saved as lossless PNG) and did the same thing in AE, same frame, same clip.  Blew them up in Photoshop to 12x with nearest neighbor sampling (basically no filtering).  And it is so obvious that there is something wrong with the way AE is processing AVCHD video.  You can see vertical columns of skin tone ringing off my son's face into the green screen, and vice versa.  There is also a lot more noise apparent.  Please tell me this is something you know about and will fix...  my thousands of clips are all AVCHD and they all look like this.  This alone makes AE useless for me because it ruins the quality of my nice 1080p clips (aside from the fact it cannot properly interpret them as 1080p 29.97fps which I complained about in another thread)...


      Here are the pictures:


      FIRST... this is what I have been working with in Sony Vegas Pro.  Notice the smooth tones, low noise, and no ringing in the image.  (Note my original was a little bigger than this - the forum image uploaded cropped it and probably did some interpolated scaling on it)




      Now this is what AE did to it... observe the vertical columns of skin tone ringing off my son's face into the green screen right of his cheek.  Also see the weird vertical lines into his chin.  And the noise!!!




      Please please please please fix this.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to help you fix this.  Do I need to file a bug report somewhere?  How do I get someone on this?  I can't believe that I am the only one seeing this.  Maybe others have been assuming that it's just bad footage?  Get me in touch with a programmer!