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    Upgrading from 12GB to 24 gb

    rowby Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am thinking of upgrading my system from 12 gig to 24 gig memory.  Not so much for Premiere but I am starting to do work in After Effects. and it is SOOOO SLOW, especially in Ram previews.


      And am looking for recommendations.


      I have a ASUS P6X58D  Premium - LGA 1366  motherboard


      My current memory is  12 gig of Corsair CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 Dominator 12 GB PC3-12800



      There are no more slots to add memory (of course!).



      So I would need a complete 24 memory kit and will need to ebay I guess the 12 gig kit.


      On the aftereffects forum someone mentioned they are buying/considering 24GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600

      http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=24GB+ Kingston+HyperX+DDR3+1600+&x=0&y=0


      I would appreciate any suggestions!





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          richardrock Level 1

          Ram selection is a bit of a bugger isn’t it? I couldn’t tell you if your selection will work for sure, maybe someone is using the same as you are asking about. I have the same mobo with 12GB (six sticks) of Kingston KXH1600C9D3K3/6GX and it is good. It seems the KXH1600C9Dxxx is the only telling info on the QVL. It also seems they wash their hands of supporting any set of six sticks at 1600.


          Sure you have the settings in AfterEffects CS5 set up to use your existing hardware (CPUs and RAM) under [Edit/ Preferences/ Memory and Multiprocessing]?

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            rowby Level 1

            HI Richard,


            What ram etc configuration do you have your After Effects settiungs set to?  Perhaps a screen capture?






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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8



              Please don't split the same conversation between the After Effects forum and the Hardware forum.


              If you really want the Afetr Effects perspective, then consider posting a link in the After Effects forum to point to this thread.


              It's really hard to help people when they ask the same question in two (or three or four...) places.

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                richardrock Level 1

                Hey Rowby,


                  I saw the document Kopriva posted in the AfterEffects forum. Quite a large document; very informative. I am going to work with it. I figure I will always be learning new stuff for Ae. I primarily work in Premiere and my largest client is pushing me into Motion…


                  I keep it simple: RAM – of my 12GB available I assign nine to Ae leaving three for OS and possibly Pr idling in the background or for bailing to Digital Juice etc (now Ae idling and possibly do an [Edit/ Purge/ All]). If I do anything demanding in Ae I tend to do it when everything else is shut down. Of my eight cores available I reserve two for other apps. I have the Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously turned on.

                  In my earlier post I mentioned settings because it sounded like you were really dogged down; IMO more RAM is certainly a good idea if you can afford it. I want more myself for longer previews etc…


                Happy Computing,


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