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    Auto-Save Option pleaseee


      Please we need an autosave daemon or similar, so the work can be saved in case of tragedy. Photoshop crashes from time to time and if you forgot to save it's so frustrating... I've just lost 2 hours of hard work and it's not my first time..


      Hope you implement something similar like the Auto-Save in Microsoft Word...



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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Have you done a Forum search on the issue?

          Because it has come up previously and some people think it would not really be a good idea.


          Suppose Photoshop were to start saving several-GB-files where the saving process might take several minutes (probably the only halfway plausible reason for working without saving for considerable lengths of time) in the background – as a laymen I would expect this could cause a sudden and considerable drag on Photoshop’s performance.

          But then I could be wrong …


          I've just lost 2 hours of hard work and it's not my first time.

          If it’s not the first time I wonder why you still work such lengths of time without saving.

          Anyway, there’s one comfort: One is usually much faster doing an image the second time.