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    How to delete a project?

    Ray Brandes

      After I burn a DVD or upload to YouTube, no longer need the project on my disk. Premier puts files all over the place and I have not been able to find any way to delete a project except by picking through Windows explorer and deleting them one by one. There must be an easier way.

      Regards, Ray

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I say in my books, you should never save a project to the main directory of a disc. I recommend opening a new folder every time you start a project.


          That way all of your project files stay within this folder and, when it's time to remove the project, you can remove all of the files simply by deleting the folder.

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            Ray Brandes Level 1

            Thank you Steve your reply is quite helpful. I wasn't saving to the main (root) directory, but putting the project where Premiere suggested. I will save to a new directory from now on.

            However, don't you agree that an application that creates multiple files in multiple folders should have the utility of deleting those multiple files that are unique to a project?

            I searched the disk for all files that begin with the project name and delete them, but the project still shows up when I choose to open an existing project. So, there is still something left behind.


            Regards, Ray