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    Effects Copy paste. Bug or feature?




      Here is what I did


      1. drag 2 items onto the timeline

      2. drag a Linear Wipe onto item 1

      3. ctrl+c (this copies the effect at it's current state?)

      4. change some properties.

      5. click on item 2

      6. ctrl-v (and all the changed properties is carried over)


      The problem is, the pasted Effect contains changes made AFTER I press ctrl-C, so each time I have to deleted all the copied over properties.


      Is this a feature or a bug in CS5?



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          It would have to be a bug. I've never, ever encountered anything like that before. I'd say that it's impossible (at least from a logical standpoint), so I can't imagine what's happening. I cannot replicate this.


          Strike that, reverse it. I just replicated this... very weird. A bug, without a doubt: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          For what it's worth, this also affects:


          • Block Dissolve
          • Gradient Wipe
          • Linear Wipe
          • Radial Wipe
          • Venetian Blinds


          Actually... this affects EVERY effect! This must be something lower level than just a particular type of effect, then. Weird.

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