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    App doesn't seem to compile, then runs old version

      I'm new to flex, so please bear with me... I've created some custom .as classes that extend the UIComponent class, but I'm running into a problem. I'm trying to test the classes in the simplest way I can think of. I'm instantiating the new classes and adding them to the display list using a script block in a mxml file. The simplest of my custom classes seems to work fine. When, however, I add an instance of one of the more complex classes (which I haven't been able to debug yet), the app doesn't seem to actually compile (the compiler status bar shows only for a split second) and the app that actually runs in the browser is a previous version (prior to my last save). I thought that this behavior might be caused by errors in the custom class that may be preventing the app from compiling, but I don't see any of the little red flex builder error icons next to any of the lines of code within the class. I realize that I'm just getting started, but it really feels like i'm tripping over the starting line here. Any help would be appreciated.