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    ViewStack/TabBar Event Handling (re-post)

    BennyB23 Level 1

      (no answers yet so, I'm trying again)


      I have a Viewstack component with a spark TabBar set as its dataProvider and I'm trying to override the default index change event so I can handle the change manually based on user input in response to an Alert and the detail property of the closeEvent. I asked a similar question in the past and got a suggestion to call the stopImmediatePropagation method and to set the selectedIndex property to what it already is. I'm just trying to get started building the eventHandler and I haven't been able to successfully prevent the default behavior for the components in any of the combinations I've tried. If someone could explain how to go about doing this and perhaps provide a simple example that I can look at, so I can see what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.