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    Server configuration for SWF files with alpha channels


      I've got a number of videos in SWF files on a ASP.NET MVC 2 website, some of which have an alpha (transparency) channel.  The 'normal' videos play correctly which means that the server has the correct MIME types installed for them, but the videos with transparent backgrounds do not.


      For the record: the videos with transparency were created in Final Cut, exported as a MOV file into Sorensen Squeeze 6.5, thence into Adobe Flash CS5 which published the SWF file.


      Since I can make the videos with transparency play in the File System (ie double click in Windows Explorer at they work), it seems like the IIS7 server is not yet configured correctly - I suspect that a MIME type isn't installed that should be.  However it could be something else in the chain. 


      I'm new to using Flash with background transparency on the web, so any pointers to the production process would be helpful.