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    Hot folder for batch processing?

    Vera Kapinos


      I placed this question in a general Acrobat forum, but no answer. May be somebody here could help? I do a little bit of Apple Scripting, but as I know Acrobat is not very scriptable...

      I use Acrobat's own batch processing for some operations. But it's so unproductive to go Advanced>Document Processing>Batch Processing>Run>Close

      I know that it's possible to make a droplet for preflight, but is it possible to create a droplet or a hot folder for another batch processes (mine crops the pages, for example)? Or at least make a keyboard shortcut to "Batch Processing"? (Adobe spoiled us with custom shortcuts in other programs)...

      Any help will be appreciated

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hot folder: No.

          However, it´s possible to create a script that will add a toolbar icon that

          will launch the Batch Processing dialog (not a specific batch itself,

          unfortunately). Maybe this will be improved in Acrobat X, though...

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            Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

            As you are talking about AppleScript then it is possible for you to create a 'Folder Action Script' and enable this with the AppleScript Utility. Your folder could then be scripted to deal with file(s) added events. Once triggered then you can either pass Acrobat AppleScript commands (a little thin on the ground and thats NOT changed in years) or AppleScript can perform JavaScript which will allow you much more access to the open document.

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I think you will find this is an Acrobat JavaScripting orientated forum and not an Apple Scripting form. You might find more help in the Macintosh Acrobat forum.


              Acrobat JavaScript is common to both Windows and Macintosh systems but Apple Script is a Macintosh item only.

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                Vera Kapinos Level 1

                Thank you very much everybody - at least I've got a "no", it is an answer to my question - at the Acobat Mac forum nobody answered at all.

                I know about Folder Actions, problem is that there is no Apple Script commands for my functions.

                It's time to learn Java Script, I guess...