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    f4v wont load in firefox the first time.


      Hi all!


      Im not sure if this is the place to put this, but i have a problem.


      I have created a swf movie file that containes the movie playback panel & a f4v video & I have uploaded them to a subfolder on my server.
      The whole site has a secure connection (https), but the page that i will try to embed the movie will have a regualr connection (http).


      The problem arises when i do embed this flash video in a HTML file. in IE & Chrome it works and looks great, But in firefox it doesnt.
      If i clear my cache (as if i were a new visitor to the site) and enter the page, the movie isn't displayed at all...is shows "done" in the browser loading bar.


      After about a minute or so (which i assume is the amount of time it takes to load the full movie), i hit refresh, and the movie appears fully loaded.


      The movie is currently embeded in my homepage (via Iframe - for site protocol reasons), and if it wont load immidiatly from the first time a user enters the site, many users will miss the video (and get a blank white box in the middle of the site).


      The URL for the html file is http://www.globaloption.com/PartnerSites/globaloptions_en/vid/Global9.8/videosmall.html


      I really hope you can help me make sense of this problem...