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    OMF Export Hangs

    Rover965 Level 1

      I imported a FCP XML project and it seems to be just fine.  But now I'd like to export my project to OMF to go to Pro Tools.  The export process hangs (so does AAF)...any idea what could be causing this???  I have even tried to cut everything from the sequence and just have two audio clips, and it still hangs.


      Other OMF exports from projects I have started in Premiere CS5 seem to go smoothly.


      On PC, Win 7 64, CS5 v 5.02

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          I'd try the standard stuff like clear your cache and preferences.  Other than that, it might be good to post some more information or a screenshot of what you're getting.  If I get the chance, I'll try to import FCP XML and then export OMF to see if I can replicate the problem.

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            Rover965 Level 1

            Gave that a shot, unfortunately didn't help.  I'd send the XML, but I don't know as if it would do any good without the 400 or so media files.

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              I have had the same and other problems with OMF export ... I wish Adobe would get this working or provide better documentation on the problems. I also wish they would add a way to export CS5 audio tracks to their excellent application Audition 3 which I would rather use than Pro Tools anyway!


              I have found that deselecting all the video tracks (no eyeballs) helps sometimes. The OMF export chokes on time remapping, nested sequences and other of PPro's cool features. I have also had problems with audio in the timeline which was inserted as "subclips" from the bin - the exporter can't find the audio file.


              Hope this helps, I haven't really solved the problem either.